Website promotion, promotion and advertising on the Internet

If you seriously want to approach the issue of advertising on the Internet, then you simply cannot do without search engine promotion of the site and its promotion. And this, in turn, is a rather complex and multitasking issue that requires a thorough audit of both your personal web project and the sites of your competitors. We are ready to help you in promotion today: great experience, guarantees and optimal prices for all types of advertising services!

Promotion of business on the Internet!
SEO, Search engine promotion
PPC, Contextual advertising
SMM, Advertising on social networks
Motion graphics, Banner advertising
Video advertising
Why do they contact us for promotion?
High-quality audit of web projects
The shortest possible time
All types of effective advertising
Competent optimization and customization
Flexible choice of promotion strategies
Optimal prices
Guaranteed retention in the TOP
Social advertisement
Creative brand promotion

We offer you the most powerful and effective comprehensive advertising services for your business on the Internet!


Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is special ads in search engine results (for example, Google and Yandex), as well as banner ads on partner sites. Such advertising allows you to quickly get targeted visitors to your site, which, in turn, means an increase in the number of calls and an increase in sales of your products or services. You pay for clicks — people come to you!


Promotion in social networks

SMM is a set of advertising services and marketing methods for promoting your business in social networks, including maintaining your groups or channels. The main advantages are the fast launch of such campaigns, flexible budget settings, and the ability to choose the target audience (targeting and retargeting) for advertising your products and services.

We offer you the opportunity to become more visible in the most popular social networks. social networks and services!


The cost of complex services for advertising and promotion on the Internet

Prices in tariffs are the cost of our services in accordance with the NBRB rate excluding the advertising budget!
(~308 BYN)
1 PPC campaign
1 SMM campaign
3 publications per week
1 support group
SEO promotion
Motion design
Video advertising
Advertising promo sites
(~666 BYN)
2 PPC campaigns
2 SMM campaigns
7 publications per week
2 support groups
SEO promotion
Motion design
Video advertising
Advertising promo sites
(~1278 BYN)
3 PPC campaigns
3 SMM campaigns
12 publications per week
3 support groups
SEO promotion
Motion design
Video advertising
Advertising promo sites
The total cost of advertising for your business is calculated individually and will differ depending on the region of promotion and the current competition in the selected market segment!
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